Accolade Awards

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Recognizing Excellence: The Chamber’s Accolade Awards

Celebrating Exceptional Individuals and Outstanding Contributions in the High Desert

Each year, the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce hosts a prestigious event, the Accolade Awards, which serves as a highlight in our event calendar. This remarkable event, held during one of our Valley Morning Insight (VMI) breakfasts, is a celebration of excellence, leadership, and the outstanding contributions of businesses and individuals in the High Desert region. At the Accolade Awards, we come together to honor the achievements and commitment of those who have made a significant impact on our community.

The Accolade Awards are more than a ceremony; they are a testament to the remarkable achievements, unwavering dedication, and outstanding leadership that exemplify our region’s spirit. Whether you are a business, entrepreneur, or community leader, these awards offer an opportunity to acknowledge and be inspired by those who have gone above and beyond. It’s a moment when we unite to recognize and celebrate the shining stars of the High Desert who have made a profound difference in our community.

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