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Welcome to Hesperia: Where Rural Roots Meet Modern Progress

As a pivotal hub within the Greater High Desert region, Hesperia invites you to explore the unique character and opportunities that define this thriving city.

Demographics Snapshot

Population: 100,971 residents

Median Household Income: $58,578

Median Age: 30.2 years

Nestled beneath the majestic San Bernardino and San Gabriel mountain ranges, Hesperia has been known as the “Star of the West” for over a century. This lively city proudly blends the charm of rural living with progressive and responsible growth. With a business-friendly environment that encourages innovation and expansion, Hesperia is your destination for growth and success.

Business Opportunities:

  • Strategically situated at the crossroads of Interstate 15 and Highway 395, establishing Hesperia as a pivotal national transportation corridor.
  • Located 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles and only 35 miles north of the Inland Empire, ensuring close proximity to major markets.
  • A versatile and skilled workforce with convenient access to vocational training and educational opportunities.
  • Affordable operating costs for businesses, including commercial real estate, utilities, and labor. 
  • A welcoming community that engages actively with businesses to offer support, resources, and collaboration. 


Fun Fact: Hesperia is home to one of the largest BMX bicycle motocross tracks in the United States. The Hesperia BMX Track hosts exciting races and events, showcasing the city’s love for adventure and sports.

Positioned as the welcoming gateway to the High Desert, Hesperia graces the region with a captivating history and a future brimming with promise.

Mayor Brigit Bennington

We’re excited to share that a variety of new restaurants are opening in the winter of this year, expanding dining options in Hesperia.

Rosa Maria’s, a destination restaurant in Southern California, chose Hesperia for its first location in the Mojave River Valley. The restaurant is located at the intersection of Bear Valley Road and Cypress Avenue.

Dairy Queen is returning to Hesperia after being gone for more than a decade. Their latest location is situated immediately adjacent to the new Rosa Maria’s.

Making its debut in Hesperia, Panera Bread features a drive-thru at their new location in the Aldi shopping center at Bear Valley Road and Mojave Fish Hatchery Road.  

We’re excited to welcome these new dining establishments and are grateful for their tremendous investment in our City. 

We’re equally grateful to our community members for their efforts to protect our local environment and Help Keep Hesperia Beautiful.  

In the past year, we collected almost 160 tons of unwanted items and trash through various initiatives, including Neighborhood Beautification Day, Tire Amnesty Day, E-Waste Recycling, and Community Cleanup events.

In 2021, we launched our HEART Program, a mobile app aimed at tackling the issue of illegal dumping in Hesperia. The app allows users to easily report illegal dumpsites by providing pictures, details, and precise geolocations for quick response.  In just two years, nearly fifteen hundred tons of trash and debris have been removed from our City thanks to the help of our residents who use this tool to report illegal dumping.  

Serving as Hesperia’s Mayor is an honor.  The City of Hesperia continues to thrive because of the support and contributions of our community.  


State of the City

November 7, 2023

The State of the City is a moment to commemorate Hesperia’s past successes and present the exciting new initiatives, projects, and dreams for the future.

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