State of the County

Community Is Our Business.

A Comprehensive Insight into County Progress and Vision

The Chamber’s State of the County is an exclusive opportunity to hear from key county leaders and gain insight into the High Desert’s progress.

Each year, the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce hosts the “State of the County” event as part of the Valley Morning Insight (VMI) breakfast events. This informative presentation offers attendees a unique opportunity to hear from key county leaders. The event typically features prominent figures, such as our region’s Assembly and Congress members, the County Sheriff, and our First District supervisor, among others.

A Comprehensive Overview of Our Region’s Progress

The State of the County event provides a comprehensive view of the achievements and aspirations of San Bernardino County, with a special focus on our High Desert region. During this annual presentation, attendees gain valuable insights into the county’s progress over the past year. Leaders from various sectors share data, visuals, and real-life stories that highlight milestones in public policy, infrastructure, economic development, and more. It’s a deep dive into what makes the county tick and the various facets that contribute to its overall well-being.

Connecting with Local Leaders

One of the unique aspects of the Chamber’s State of the County event is the opportunity to connect directly with local leaders. Assembly and Congress members who represent the region offer insights into their legislative efforts, while the County Sheriff discusses law enforcement priorities. The County Board of Supervisors presents the county’s strategic goals and plans. It’s a rare chance for residents, business owners, and civic leaders to engage in a direct dialogue with these influential figures.

Shaping the Future Together

The State of the County event underscores San Bernardino County’s dedication to growth, development, and the enhancement of the quality of life for its residents. Attendees leave with a deeper understanding of the county’s achievements, challenges, and future direction. It’s an essential gathering for those who wish to be part of the dialogue that shapes the region’s future. By participating, you actively contribute to the ongoing development of the county and its communities.
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