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Explore the High Desert: Your Gateway to a Thriving Community

Nestled in the heart of California, our region beckons you with open arms to experience the unique blend of rugged terrain, clear skies, and a warm community spirit.

Welcome to the High Desert, a region brimming with opportunities, natural beauty, and vibrant communities. At the heart of this thriving landscape is the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce, your trusted partner in exploring the High Desert, relocating here, or creating a successful business.

We understand the unique needs of residents, businesses, and newcomers. That’s why we’ve established the Visitor and Welcome Center, a one-stop hub for a wealth of resources tailored to make your High Desert experience fulfilling.

For Visitors: Navigating the High Desert

Are you visiting the High Desert? Prepare to be awed by its striking landscapes, outdoor adventures, and cultural richness. Our Visitor Center offers you a range of insights, from must-visit attractions and recreational activities to local dining spots and hidden gems. We’re your go-to source for a remarkable High Desert experience.

For Residents: Living Well in the High Desert

If you call the High Desert home or plan to, our resources are your key to a fulfilling life here. Discover everything from education opportunities, healthcare facilities, and local events to ways to get involved in your community. The Chamber is your partner in every step of your High Desert journey.

For Businesses: Thrive in the High Desert

Elevate your business potential in the High Desert with our support. Access a directory of business services, networking opportunities, and key insights into the local economy. If you’re considering relocating or establishing a business, our business-friendly environment, resources, and partnerships make the High Desert an ideal choice.

For Newcomers: Joining the High Desert Community

New to the High Desert? Our Newcomers section is designed to ease your transition. Access helpful resources, connect with local services, and discover the benefits of living and working in this thriving region.

At the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce, we’re here to ensure you make the most of your High Desert journey. Whether you’re visiting, residing, or investing in the region, the Visitor and Welcome Center is your trusted resource for success and satisfaction. Welcome to the High Desert – your gateway to a thriving community!


As early as 1772, the Mojave River corridor, now known as Victor Valley, bore witness to a captivating procession of humanity. 

The Victor Valley, situated in Southern California’s San Bernardino County, boasts a rich history dating back centuries. It was originally inhabited by the Mojave Native American tribe, who thrived in this high desert region with its abundant natural resources. The area’s name, “Victor Valley,” is derived from a significant historical figure, explorer and fur trapper Jedediah Smith, who was famously saved from starvation here during his westward expedition in 1826. Smith’s rescue was attributed to the valley’s lush vegetation and water sources.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Victor Valley saw considerable growth as a transportation hub due to its strategic location along the historic Route 66 and the construction of the Mojave River Dam. The arrival of the railroad further spurred development and the establishment of towns such as Victorville, Apple Valley, and Hesperia. Today, the Victor Valley is a vibrant region known for its picturesque landscapes, proximity to major national parks and recreational areas, and its role as a commuter corridor for those working in the greater Los Angeles area. Its history is a blend of natural beauty, Native American heritage, and the pioneering spirit of early American settlers.

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