Community Is Our Business.

Igniting Our Region’s Business Growth

Our vision is to foster an environment of growth, collaboration, and support between our members, which range from small businesses to large corporations.

The Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization that works to empower local businesses, helping them thrive and grow throughout the High Desert region of Southern California. Founded in 2021, the GHDCC serves the cities of Adelanto, Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville, along with surrounding communities in the Victor Valley.

Everything we do is done with the goal of elevating our members and the High Desert region. As such, our members are encouraged to connect with one another and tap into our network of business resources, professional contacts, and promotional opportunities. Our high-level networking, fundraisers, and special events are renowned through the High Desert and give our members a chance to benefit one another’s experiences.

A Unified Voice for Greater Impact

By providing a strong and unified voice, we empower our members to advocate effectively for their businesses and the High Desert region as a whole. Together, we stand up for what matters, ensuring that our collective voice reverberates with state and national legislators, leading to meaningful policy changes that benefit our community.

Informed Leadership for Informed Choices

We’re committed to nurturing informed leaders who can make sound decisions that propel our community forward. Through ongoing educational initiatives, we equip our members with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the complexities of modern business.

Legislative Support for Business Success

Legislation can significantly impact businesses. That’s why we provide vital legislative support, offering guidance and advocacy to ensure that the interests of our members are heard and protected. We work tirelessly to create an environment where businesses can thrive without undue barriers.

High-Level Networking for Growth

Networking is the lifeblood of business success. We offer a platform for high-level networking, where connections are made, partnerships are forged, and opportunities are unlocked. Our events and gatherings bring together professionals from various sectors, creating a dynamic ecosystem of collaboration and growth.

Enhanced Promotional Opportunities

Visibility matters. We provide enhanced promotional opportunities that spotlight our members, helping them reach new audiences and expand their influence. From digital marketing to exclusive promotional events, we’re dedicated to putting your business in the spotlight it deserves.

Community is our business, and here at the GHDCC, we are proud to help our community grow — and look forward to seeing what our members can accomplish together!


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