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Welcome to our Business Services page, your go-to resource for all your business needs. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a budding startup, we’ve assembled a comprehensive directory of services to help you thrive in the dynamic High Desert business environment. Explore the following categories and links to connect with trusted local businesses and professionals.

Explore Our Business Directory

Navigating the business landscape is easier when you have access to the right partners and service providers. Our Business Directory is a curated selection of local businesses that can cater to your specific requirements, from IT providers to legal services. It’s a valuable tool for connecting with professionals who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the High Desert.

Local IT Providers

In today’s digital age, having reliable IT services is crucial. Connect with local IT providers who can assist with everything from network setup to cybersecurity, ensuring your business remains efficient and secure.

Website/Design Services

Your online presence is often the first impression you make on customers. Discover professionals who can help you create a stunning website and ensure it’s optimized for a seamless user experience.


Effective advertising and media coverage can significantly impact your business’s visibility. Find local agencies that specialize in advertising and media services to enhance your marketing strategies.

Business & Professional Services

From consultants to payment processing providers and cleaning services, this category offers a broad spectrum of services to support your business operations and keep everything running smoothly.

Finance & Insurance

Sound financial management is at the core of a thriving business. Get in touch with experts who can help you with financial planning and insurance services tailored to your needs.

Legal Services

Legal matters are an integral part of running a business. Connect with professionals experienced in business law and other legal services to protect your enterprise.

HR Resources

Human resources are the backbone of any organization. Discover a wealth of HR resources to help you manage your workforce effectively.

SB County Hotline

Stay connected with important local resources and support through the San Bernardino County Hotline.

HR California CalChamber

Access the California Chamber of Commerce’s HR resources for valuable insights and best practices.

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you’re looking for new office space or seeking to invest in the High Desert’s booming real estate market, you’ll find resources to assist you here.

Staffing Services

Sometimes, your business needs temporary or permanent staffing solutions. Our directory connects you with experts in the field.

Security Services

Protecting your business is paramount. Explore security service providers that can safeguard your assets and employees.

At the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to facilitating your business’s success. Use this page as a comprehensive resource to access the services, partners, and professionals that can make a difference in your business journey.

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