State of Education

Shaping the High Desert’s Future Join us for a pivotal gathering that brings together educators, policymakers, community leaders, and stakeholders to discuss and shape the future of education in our region. The State of Education event is a cornerstone in our commitment to fostering a collaborative environment where ideas and strategies for educational advancement are […]

State of the Chamber

Celebrating Partnerships and a Shared Vision For Success The State of the Chamber event is an opportunity to reflect on our past successes and to set the stage for the exciting initiatives, programs, and dreams that lie on the horizon. Every year, the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce gathers its members, partners, and community […]

State of the County

A Comprehensive Insight into County Progress and Vision The Chamber’s State of the County is an exclusive opportunity to hear from key county leaders and gain insight into the High Desert’s progress. Each year, the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce hosts the “State of the County” event as part of the Valley Morning Insight […]

State of the City – Victorville

A Vibrant Vision of Victorville’s Progress The State of the City event serves as a bridge connecting local government, the business community, and Victorville’s inhabitants. Every year, the City of Victorville invites the community to join them at the Greater High Desert Chamber’s Valley Morning Insight (VMI) breakfast event to deliver the ‘State of the […]

State of the City – Hesperia

Navigating Hesperia’s Progress and Promise The State of the City is a moment to commemorate Hesperia’s past successes and present the exciting new initiatives, projects, and dreams for the future. Join us each year for Hesperia’s enlightening State of the City address, a collaborative effort between the City of Hesperia and the Greater High Desert […]

State of the Town – Apple Valley

Charting the Course for Apple Valley’s Future The State of the Town is an opportunity for Apple Valley to unveil its vision and lay out plans, projects, and endeavors designed to enhance our town’s quality of life. Every year, the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce brings the community together for the insightful “State of […]

State of the City – Adelanto

Outlining Adelanto’s Achievements and Aspirations The State of the City is your annual invitation to celebrate Adelanto’s accomplishments and discover the promising initiatives shaping our future. Adelanto’s State of the City presentation, a collaborative endeavor between the City of Adelanto and the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce, offers residents, businesses, and civic leaders a […]

Accolade Awards

Recognizing Excellence: The Chamber’s Accolade Awards Celebrating Exceptional Individuals and Outstanding Contributions in the High Desert Each year, the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce hosts a prestigious event, the Accolade Awards, which serves as a highlight in our event calendar. This remarkable event, held during one of our Valley Morning Insight (VMI) breakfasts, is […]

High Desert Regional Open Golf Tournament

Swing Into Action at the High Desert Regional Golf Tournament Tee up for a day on the greens that combines networking, friendly competition and the joy of supporting local businesses. The Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce proudly presents the High Desert Regional Open Golf Tournament, a cherished tradition celebrating both the love of golf […]

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